Competing and walking away.

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Competing and walking away.

This season I have competed in two series, Australian Ocean Racing Series and The Summer of Surf. Both events I go to with my team of ski paddlers,we race and then enjoy the after race activities and then go home.

The one thing as competitions we often forget is how much time and responsibility goes into running these races, hours and hours of effort behind the scenes, because they just run so well.

Yesterday at The Summer of Surf they ran an awesome on time,lots of events carnival in good conditions, that's not easy to do.

A few weeks back the team and I raced The Doctor in Perth, 400 + skis loaded onto a barge dropped on Rottnest Island Perth for the race back to Sorrento Beach, no fuss no hassle and knowone asked to be thanked. Ok this year 2016 the conditions weren't great and organisers can't control the weather as much as most would love to be able to.

So here is where we need to step up as competitors, some not very hard steps.

  • Always just say thanks to the organisers, this takes about 1-2mins.
  • Be on time to the start line with your gear.
  • Be respectful to the event organisers if the conditions are what you want them to be.
  • Never forget that it's sport and sport is meant to be enjoyed and if you get worked up about thinking the organisers are not helping you then don't do sport. 
  • Except the judges decision. 

Lastly remeber if these people didn't put on the race we wouldn't get to race.


For those who love racing surf life saving events in Australia it was great to hear that racing will now be shown live on Fox Sports so great work to the team at Summer of Surf.

See you on the beach in the ocean.