How to paddle at your best.

How to paddle at your best.

Paddling at your best is tough but there are a few ways to make it easier. 

Get the right gear for your ability, if you have the right gear you will enjoy your paddling more and get the most out of every session, do this then you go faster. 

The right thing to do is have the right stuff for on and off the water. 

Heres what I use, in no order. 

For ocean paddling I use the Epic V14 

The V14 by Epic is the most comfortable boat for me to paddle as I can handle this boat and paddle at my best, the seating is great the blade entry position is fantastic and I'm able to get the most run out of my stroke remember whilst the Epic is comfortable in all boats the fastest boat on the market is the one that's upright, so choose the boat that suits your ability  

When surf ski paddling I use the Slipstream Surf VortX, for the same reasons as the Epic


You can see the cut  a way sides where the blade enters to give you the most power, by getting power you get speed in and out of the surf. The shape allows you to catch runners and stay stable on waves. Enjoy the VortX.

The right paddle is so important.

I like to use the Bennett Brasca Smin 4, and the correct shaft is so important in a paddle. My thinking for paddles is to have a soft shaft and lose a bit of power but be able to do more good strokes more often. Being able to have good technique for longer will always help you go faster for longer. people win races by not having the max speed but by having the fastest max average speed, this paddle will help that.

What to wear.

I'm a big fan of Vaikobi.

If you have comfortable gear when you paddle,paddling is so much easier. The Vaikobi range offers warmth in winter and top range for summer. If you like me and want to be warm then the VCold range is for you go to the shop and get yours. I love the cut and the way it doesn't rub on you and cause a rash. You will love this stuff.

If you do everything right then this is the most important product you can use,ASN.

You need to recover after training to be able to be the best you can be at the next session, at home and also at work. After a hard session you can not eat enough food to replace the calories lost, so without being to detailed you need to have a shake within 15 mins of a tough session. The Anabolic Injection is the best, made by a paddler so he knows what we need, I add berries, banana, honey and yogurt to mine to help give me the bit extra. This is a must to do.

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Enjoy your paddling