Make your training work in races.

Make your training work in races.

Training for a race can be so difficult, knowing what to do and when to do it can be just so hard to get right. So I would like to share some ideas that I use to help combine the training V racing project.

When thinking about what training I am going to do I always think about the most obvious thing, what race am I going to do. Once I know what race or races I want to go I then set about structuring my training program, my training for a sprint race would be different to training for a long ocean ski race.

The thing that I make sure I don't do is actually ever go training. I go and do race practice, all the sessions I do I practice some part of my race, the session is always designed to help me race better. No matter who you are you always go in a race to go as fast as you can, RIGHT. So when you go and train why not workout how can you go faster. The most important thing to think about is what will make you go faster, technique, power and good rhythm. The most important thing not to do is workout how can you get the most exhausted. Each race you go in they give a placing on what time you did or what place you come, never how tried you are, so why train to get tried. So for me a session is about working out how I can get faster in a race.

I never turn up to a paddle session and workout what I'm going to do there and then, I always train with structure, this helps me stay focused and achieve my goals.

So a session for me would look like this:
10 minutes warm up ( I work on my technique here to get my muscle memory working ), 5 x 10 mins 2 minutes rest. All 10 minutes are broken into 2 mins 85% 4 mins 95% 3 mins 85% 1 min max 100%.

What this session does for me lets me have 2 mins to get my technique in good order, 4 mins to work hard and simulate the middle of a race situation, 3 mins to get my technique back in order so that when I'm in a race I will always keep my form and then 1 minute to really blast away and practice lifting my average speed.

Then after 2 minutes rest I think about doing the whole thing again but doing it better. I set goals throughout the session, it maybe to beat the guys and girls in my squad by more, hold better max average speeds, whatever it is I look to go faster easier.

By doing sessions like this where I look to go faster and where my weaknesses maybe in a race helps my confidence in a race. Nothing makes you more exhausted then being nervous, so you can help that by being confident on the start line knowing you have done the training.

When you next train ask yourself this: do you try to go faster?

Do go faster or do you get of the water exhausted and just feel happy about that?

Just spend a few minutes each week and think about what you are doing, you are giving up a lot to be better and faster, so make your time worth while.

If you need any help just ask.

Paddle well.