New Channel, New Videos and a Fresh Outlook

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New Channel, New Videos and a Fresh Outlook

Hi All,

It's been a while since I got out of my craft and went back to watching the paddlers and collecting footage for you. I have enjoyed my time back paddling so much and learn't even more from the past 224 weeks of training and racing I have done. Now I need some time off the water and I need to share that info with you, all I have learn't that I hadn't thought about, forgotten and even thought wasn't important. 

So my videos are back and they will come often, I will focus on everything, men, women, boys, girls, top paddlers, paddlers starting out and paddlers coming back into form.

So it's a great time to be back on the motor boat collecting all that footage and helping you paddle better.

So you need to send me info on what you want to see, watch all the footage I collect, pick your favourite paddler or paddlers and think of them as you and ask questions and I will get it for you.

All videos will be found in these various social media sites so please request friendship, follow or subscribe no matter which one or all sites you will see great footage.

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No matter where in the world you are you can be part of Jimsquad, join now and lets forge a great paddling bond.