Picture for you to compare.

Picture for you to compare.

Check out this picture and then see how it compare to your paddling. 


The yellow the whole trunk, the place of power and boat speed.

the red section is the area where most people rotate from, this can give you the impression you are rotating when you are only just moving the shoulders around. 

'The blue section the single most important part to rotate as this will help bring the whole trunk around and give you the most power on the catch. 

Green line, blade angle into the water, this is excellent his hand height is up and allowing him to place the blade in the water slightly over pitched. 

The things I would like to see in this picture, the whole trunk around so I can see the whole chest from side on. One leg up one down as a result of trunk rotation. 

Everything else is good. 

Now ow this picture very similar to the last, needs more rotation out of the bottom half of the trunk, green section, hand height blue line good but a little higher would be better. This height a little higher helps give time to put the blade into the water squarer. 

Have a look at your photos and see what you come up with.