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Molokai is considered the ultimate test of ocean paddling, the one true race that people judge/admire and respect you on. The 53-55km crossing the channel is like nothing else in ocean paddling.  So what happens when a sprinter who only races over 3mins all his life with the odd 20-25km ocean race gets offered an opportunity to paddle the mighty Molokai.  I was lucky enough to join the Shaw and Partners Race Team as team manger in early August 2018 and as part of the team we would be going to Hawaii for 10 days and race the mighty race. ...

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This season I have competed in two series, Australian Ocean Racing Series and The Summer of Surf. Both events I go to with my team of ski paddlers,we race and then enjoy the after race activities and then go home. The one thing as competitions we often forget is how much time and responsibility goes into running these races, hours and hours of effort behind the scenes, because they just run so well. Yesterday at The Summer of Surf they ran an awesome on time,lots of events carnival in good conditions, that's not easy to do. A few weeks back...

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