The fussy paddler.

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The fussy paddler.

I would say that I am a fussy paddler, I like everything to be right when I paddle. I hate paddling in tops that a big and baggy, to long on the top so it sits down my back and rubs and catches when I rotate, also the same if to short rubbing on my hips when I twist. I also like to have a snug fit with my pants, I like them to be padded for a little comfort but not to thick with padding so I'm off balanced. I have to be able to rotate in the seat. When I paddle easy I stroke at about 70 strokes per minute x this by 10 minutes, 1 hr, one week, I move a lot of times in my seat. So I need the right gear. I spend a lot of time researching and trailing products so I get it right, I hate being in an effort and having to pull my pants up at the back or moving my top cause it's catching, I like each effort to be done as written on the program. So now I'm using paddling gear by Vaikobi they have spent many hours with many with different paddlers to get it right. I feel comfortable in there winter and summer range. You will always find that you get more comfortable gear when the person manufacturing the gear does only that gear and at Vaikobi they look after paddling gear well.

I'm sure if you get in the right gear you will train better, you wont over heat nor will you get cold, these are important factors to decide on when you are trying to consider doing a full season.

So for the fussy paddler I am right at home now as it's getting colder where I'm paddling at the moment and I still look forward to getting on the water.

If you ever need any help at all with anything please contact me so I can help you make the right call.