The new year.

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The new year.

I guess we all have that, this year I'm gunna. Lots of gunna do this gunna do that. 

How to turn it into reality.

Pick a race, one you have to commit to, best is one you have to travel to as you have to outlay cost and time, this forces you to stay focused. 

Now most important, get into a good training group or get a structured training program, ( this I can help with ). When thinking of a training group find one that suits your ability, time frame for training and like minded love for paddling. If you get all those things right then your goal will be a lot easier to achieve. The thing at Jimsquad that is most enjoyable is that everyone pushes one another but also is happy for people to succeed. This is a great combination for staying healthy and paddling well for a long time. 


Once all those things are in place go over the race you have chosen, by results, video and word of mouth to unstand what the race could be like. 

'If a marathon flat race, does the tide change, where should I be during the tide changes. Positioning throughout the race can be very important. Do I need a pump, how much fluids and do I need support throughout the race. 

Sprint kayak, is it a one day or more regatta. So you will need to learn how to warm up, warm down and what to eat over the many days of racing. 

Oceanski race, what is the normal conditions, straight downwind, is there rebound off cliffs and do we need to paddle into a headwind at anytime. 

'The more you train in race conditions the better your whole experience will be. 

Set your goal,chase your dream and enjoy being physically and mentally healthy. 

If you need any help with paddling and racing please don't hesitate to ask. 



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